An Overview in Disadvantages of the Modern Communications

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An Overview in Disadvantages of the Modern Communications

March 10, 2021 Physical Science 0

Social networking, among other things, has made life simpler for people in modern societies. Many improvements have occurred as a result of communication and technology in all aspects of life. High speed in, translations, transportation, time reduction, knowledge exchange between people, and other situations. Communication can be described as a process in which people share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge through a variety of means, including writing, reading, symbols, signs, expression, and communication. We reviewed and addressed the reasons for the poor (disadvantage) of communications in Iraq, as well as the outcomes. In Iraq, the majority of communications and network companies are also using outdated and ineffective methods of communication connectivity. Since the year 2003, everybody is eager to use and live a modern life with the use of information technology (IT), but they haven’t considered or forgotten what happened to them when they used the networks with the worst connectivity. The aim of this research is to look into all aspects of life that are more critical for people’s lives, such as (health, economy, cost, protection, maintenance, high-quality manufacturing, services network, week internet (wobbling), banks, kid card cards or master card, stack the internet pack, laser planning for life, power outages and irregularities during the day, environmental pollution). All of these have an effect on one’s life. We discovered a rise in, and more diseases have been discovered, including cancer, congenital malformations, abnormal birth (giving birth before her due date), hair loss, respiratory infections, skin allergies, and skin spots, and the drawer dose is high due to its proximity to the radiation source. In addition to the age problem, environmental pollution is uncontrolled in both developed and developing countries, and it has a direct impact on people’s lives. As a result, the IT revolution has been impacted more than it has been beneficial. Emphasizing the inevitability and security of the information sent, as well as how hackers stole it through programme creation.

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Hasan Bakheet Jasim
Department of The Computer Techniques Engineering, Imam al-Kadhum College (IKC), Baghdad, Iraq.

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