Dual- and 3-wavelength Controlled Photopolymerization Confinement for 3D-Printing: Kinetics and Analysis

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Dual- and 3-wavelength Controlled Photopolymerization Confinement for 3D-Printing: Kinetics and Analysis

May 26, 2021 Chemistry and Biochemistry 0

The kinetics and dynamic profiles of monomer conversion for blue-light only, 2-light (red and UV), and 3-light (red, blue, UV) are shown for diverse conditions. Higher oxygen concentration leads to lesser conversion, which can be improved by lowering S-inhibition via pre-irradiation with red or blue light. The conversion rate of the UV-only system is lower than that of the blue-only system. However, dual-light (blue and UV) could boost conversion, and red-light pre-irradiation could boost it even more. N-inhibition and S-inhibition, two competing variables, could be modified separately and selectively to achieve: (i) efficient PC begun by UV-light created N-inhibition for low confinement thickness and high print speed; and (ii) high conversion of blue-light (without UV-light), augmented by red-light pre-irradiation for low S-inhibition. Due to various C=C bond rate constants and conversion efficacies, the UV-light induced inhibitory effect for a dual-wavelength (UV and blue) is substantially monomer-dependent. Without UV light, increased initiator concentration and rate constant lead to higher conversion for a given blue-light intensity. Blue-only conversion is substantially higher than UV-only and UV-blue combination conversion. A tertiary amine co-initiator and butyl nitrite are used in the UV-light controlled methacrylate conversion of a glycidyl dimethacrylate resin, for example. The system is exposed to a continuous blue light, but just an on-off exposure to UV radiation. Finally, we created a theoretical novel finding for the criterion of a good material/candidate, [I20C20]/ [I10C10], which is governed by a double ratio of light intensity and concentration.

Author(s) Details

Jui-Teng Lin
New Vision, Inc. New Taipei City 242 Taiwan, ROC.

Kuo-Ti Chen
Jin-Dynamic Intelligets Co. E Xingyuan Rd, Nanfeng Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, China.

Da-Chuan Cheng
Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, China Medical University, 404, Taiwan, ROC.

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