Increased Prevalence of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Dementia and Fragmented Germ Cells with Reduced Endogenous Estrogen: A Retrospective Analysis

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Increased Prevalence of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Dementia and Fragmented Germ Cells with Reduced Endogenous Estrogen: A Retrospective Analysis

June 11, 2021 Medicine and Medical Science 0

Background: The twentieth and twenty-first centuries saw an increase in the prevalence of dementia, psychosis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral tumors, myoclonus, seizures, and Neuroleptic malignant syndrome. The following objectives were sought: an altruistic association of contraception [if any] with increasing dementia, stroke, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, psychosis, cerebral tumors, and Parkinson’s disease in younger age. Methods: In 2012, a retrospective analysis of the prevalence of stroke in 350 patients aged 20-35 years, 35-50 years, and >50 years was conducted using data collected by convenient, stratified random sampling from different geographical locations between 2003 and 2012, as well as its association with the presence, absence, or absence of contraception and abortion. A retrospective analysis of 279 patients diagnosed with stroke, cerebral tumors, tuberculous meningitis, Parkinson’s disease, myoclonus, or seizures between 1989 and 2012 was performed. Another group of 318 patients with psychosis, including suicides, dementia, and behavioral disorders, was studied retrospectively from 1989 to 2012, with 100 of them being college students with behavioral disorders, to see if there was a significant association between contraception status, a cholesterol-deficient diet, and the prevalence of neuropsychiatric disabilities. A low-cholesterol diet was advised, as well as contraception. In young women after tubectomy, there was a significant increase in the incidence of Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, with 15 patients diagnosed within 6 months [p0.0005]. The results revealed no difference attributable to geographical location. [a] A cholesterol-deficient diet was associated with behavioral disorders, including suicide, as a >100 fold increase in 20-year-old college students [p 0.0005]; a chronic cholesterol-deficient diet without contraception was associated with a 10 fold increase in psychosis and dementia among 35->50-year-olds, with a p value of 0.0005. [b] Formalized paraphrase Contraception with a cholesterol-deficient diet resulted in a 30- to 40-fold increase. Starting at a younger age (20->50 years with a p value of 0.0005), there is a 30 fold increase in dementia in those over 50 years with a p value of 0.0005. [c]An absolute increase in neuroleptic malignant syndrome was observed in tubectomy patients [p0.0005]. Stroke, tumors, encephalitis, Parkinson’s disease, and myoclonus were found to be 15 times more common in contraceptive users, with a p value of 0.0005. [f] Formalized paraphrase Reversal of contraception with essential cholesterol and a diet rich in fatty acids cured demyelination and behavioral disturbances. Contraception, abortion preventing normal path traversed by germ cells, with smashed fragmentation of germ cells, resulting in reduced endogenous estrogen: androgen, defaulted genomic repertoire, deranged cell cycle, cell metabolism, degeneration of neuronal cells, neurotransmitters, and cholesterol deprived diet with reduced myelin synthesis, hormone synthesis, n Because dopamine is naturally reduced by abnormal cell metabolism, After contraception, Neuroleptic: antipsychiatric drugs precipitate the fatal Neuroleptic malignant syndrome by further dopaminergic blockade; contraception reversal, with cholesterol rich diet, enables therapies to be effective and prevents further deterioration of neurological pathologies, and can prevent the increasing prevalence of Neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

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Elizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel
Department of Medicine, Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research, Madras University, No.20, Kanaga Chettikulam, Kalapet, Pondicherry, 605014,India.

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