Novel Idea of Implementing MRNS Technique for RLNS Based System

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Novel Idea of Implementing MRNS Technique for RLNS Based System

May 27, 2021 Science and Technology 0

The Residue Number System (RNS) is a useful tool for constructing a variety of DSP applications. RNS reduces input operands with longer lengths to modulo values with shorter lengths, resulting in faster processing. Cryptography is one of RNS’s most essential applications, as it allows for extremely secure data transmission. Without knowing the exact moduli set values, the intermediate residue values obtained cannot be processed. The benefit of RNS is that it divides the operation block into different residual modules that are all independent of one another. In the literature, a Multi-level Residue Number System (MRNS) is proposed to improve RNS security and processing speed. MRNS entails repeating the RNS technique at various stages until the stage of selecting small moduli set values is reached. The MRNS concept is used in this research effort to strengthen the data encryption feature of the RLNS based multiplication structure, proposing a new notion of Multi-level Residue Logarithmic Number System (MRLNS). When compared to existing research work on multiplier design for Residue Logarithmic Number System (RLNS) based systems, the simulation results of the proposed designs, which include area, TPD, and delay, are found to be less.

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R. V. Shalini
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India.

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