Recent Study on IoT Based Embedded Smart Lock Control System

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Recent Study on IoT Based Embedded Smart Lock Control System

March 10, 2021 Physical Science 0

Smart home protection and remote surveillance have become essential in recent years, and the need for smarter security systems has only grown with the introduction of new concepts such as the Internet of Things and the advancement of advanced authentication and security technologies. Security and surveillance have become increasingly important in recent years in a variety of settings, including homes, workplaces, banks, and other financial institutions. The development of an intelligent web-based door lock control system that uses face recognition technology for authentication, visitor tracking, and control. In this article, a smart door lock is discussed. Face detection is done with Haar-like features, and face recognition is done with the Local Binary Pattern Histogram (LBPH). The device also includes a web-based remote monitoring module, an authentication module, and a bare-bones embedded IoT server, which sends live pictures of visitors to the owner via email and SMS notification, and the owner can then remotely access the lock by responding to the email with predefined security codes to unlock it. the other entrance This device is useful in smart homes where the owner cannot be present at all times and remote authentication and control are required. The device was built and tested on a Raspberry Pi 2 board, and the various face recognition and control modules were programmed in Python and OpenCV. This paper also looks at the enormous potential of computer vision in general and face recognition in particular, as well as the possibilities of the Internet of Things in home security and automation. The OpenCV library, the Python programming language, and the Linux operating system’s simplicity and prowess have all been thoroughly examined.

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Hasan Bakheet Jasim
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Imam Kadhim College for Isalmic Science University, Iraq.

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