Sand Columns: An Effective Improvement Technique for Soft Soils

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Sand Columns: An Effective Improvement Technique for Soft Soils

June 5, 2021 Engineering 0

Sand Columns (SC), also known as Sand Compaction Piles (SCP), are increasingly widely utilised to reinforce a variety of soft soils. Sand columns increase soft soil’s ultimate bearing capacity, speed up stabilisation, prevent liquefaction in loose sandy soils, and provide lateral resistance to horizontal movement. The purpose of this research is to build small-scale laboratory models to evaluate the impact of floating columns on clayey soil with silty deposits. The laboratory tests were conducted on a circular column with a diameter of 37 mm, and the results of the tests were published. Ground that had been treated and ground that had not been treated were compared. Sand columns’ impacts on soils with varied shear strengths (low-medium-high), slenderness ratios (L/D), and loading patterns are investigated. The group effect was further explored by altering the space between the columns. The axial ability of the sand column was measured by loading the column area alone, and the stiffness of composite ground was computed by loading the full area of the test model. A sand column will greatly improve the engineering features of soft clayey soil, according to the findings of the current investigation. The group effect was researched as well, and it was determined that increasing the distance between the columns decreases group efficiency. The axial potential of the sand columns diminishes as the distance between the columns increases.

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Dr. Sohaib Naseer
Department of Geotechnical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad, Pakistan.

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