A Brief Study on Liquid Water to Retain Information

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A Brief Study on Liquid Water to Retain Information

September 7, 2021 Physical Science 0

The possibility of storing information in chemically pure water is debatable. Because hydrogen bonds constantly rearrange, it is impossible to store digital information because certain protons are not firmly attached to specific oxygen atoms. If information is to be stored, it must be done in a different way. Nonetheless, some scientists have suggested that information retention in water is possible, implying that the microstructure of water may be involved. This research shows how these properties allow water to store information in ways that have never been seen before. In water, there are two types of entropy: classical due to heat and quantum due to microstates. The approach is to compare the two and illustrate how the first imposes constraints on the second. The quantum entropy may exceed the heat entropy due to the large number of polymolecules. Because heat entropy cannot be exceeded, the amount of polymolecules that may be accessed at a given temperature, T, is limited, resulting in a new kind of information, IR (T). Fisher Information in Statistics, Digital Information in IT, Quantum Information, and Experience Information in biological systems at criticality are all examples of previously known types of information. The new type of information maintained in water is similar to Fisher Information in that it emerges from a restriction on a variable’s range, i.e. from constraints on the values of a statistical variable. As a result, we suggest the moniker “Quantum Fisher Information.” Quantum Fisher Information is expected to have a Limiting Temperature, TL, similar to homoeopathic dilution, which has a limiting temperature of roughly 70° C. This level of unanimity is reassuring. Calculating accurate numbers of polymolecules is required for TL prediction. The structure of quantum entropy and the enormous number of potential water polymolecules cause information retention in water. The new information is comparable to Fisher Information in statistics since it has both classical and quantum components.

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Alex Hankey
Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana Eknath Bhavan, 19 Gavipuram Circle, Kempegowda Nagar, Bengaluru 560019, India.

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