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A Mathematical Perspective: Focus during Weekdays should be on Supply for the Sabbath a Support for Workable Competition

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This paper proves mathematically in an original theoretical model the common sense and intuitive proposition that consumers are better off when they have more food for the Sabbath at the expense of having less food for the other six days of the week. I prove the conditions of shifting consumption from off peak to peak times will necessarily add to consumer surplus. Like the manna that fell from heaven for forty years in the desert — an omer to a person, Sunday through Friday with double portions on Friday — my model assumes that consumers buy standardized semi-perishable food baskets, one basket per person per day, Sunday through Friday with extra baskets for the Sabbath. In my model I analyze benefits to consumers according to two alternative pricing schemes, whereby consumer expenditures and weekly food consumed are the same. I prove that consumers are better off according to the pricing scheme that allows for more food for the Sabbath day. The significance of my proof is to urge social focus on increasing and prolonging cyclical peaks. My proof supports John M. Clark’s workable competition thesis.

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Gerald Aranoff
Professor of Accounting, Bnei Brak, Israel.

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