A Psycho-Cultural Approach to Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

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A Psycho-Cultural Approach to Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

July 6, 2021 Medicine and Medical 0

Talking Pediatrics is concerned with the well-being of the newborn, taking into account his behavior and development. It is important to emphasize and mention that we cannot discuss Pediatrics without considering how the mother of the newborn survived the pregnancy period and how the birthchild was handled. These elements are crucial in determining how the newborn’s growth will be. The development and behavior of a newborn is influenced positively or negatively by the mother’s behavior, which we believe does not exist in a single network but rather in a socio-cultural network that has an impact on the birth child, the pregnant woman’s health, and the newborn. This is why, in order to achieve successful pediatrics management, a global approach to newborn care is envisaged. Consider the case of breastfeeding as an example of a nutrition aspect. We can see that not only the milk that comes from the mother’s breast is important for the baby. From a psychological standpoint, the fact that a baby remains in the mother’s chest, sucking the breast even when no milk is coming out, increases the newborn’s attachment and affectivity to the mother. This is Sigmund Freud’s libido expression. While advising and campaigning for newborn breastfeeding, the emphasis should not be on the psychic nutriment, which contributes to the overall care and development of this newborn and shapes his future behavior In our study on psychological accompaniment to complicated childbirth, we viewed the problem of childbirth as a node with several facets that could be treated in collaboration by several specialties. This holistic view of the problem has led us to believe, among other things, that the mother and newborn do not exist in a social and cultural vacuum, but rather in a network of social and cultural relations. This society anticipates the birth of a child. In terms of potential, will hold positions of power and influence in this society, as well as change the environment. We believe that culture has a legitimate role to play in the development and behavior of the newborn and future adult.

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Augustin Mubiayi Mamba
University of Kinshasa, Congo.

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