A Qualitative Study on Migrant Labourers in Idukki District, Kerala

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A Qualitative Study on Migrant Labourers in Idukki District, Kerala

August 25, 2021 Humanities and Social Sciences 0

For disadvantaged people all around the world, migration is seen as a vital source of income. It cannot be reduced to a simple reaction to challenges and issues in the context of a certain country or place of origin. In India, migrant workers have grown to be a substantial economic force. Kerala, India, has a considerable influx of migrant labourers from all across the country, including West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. Outmigration from Kerala to other countries is increasing due to improved education options and qualifications, as well as a scarcity of unskilled/semi-skilled employees inside the state. Internal relocation to Kerala is boosted by opportunities with fair salaries and life situations, as well as non-discriminatory attitudes and behavioural patterns among its inhabitants. The primary goal of this research is to look at the current and future consequences of large-scale interstate migration in rural areas. Based on a sample survey of 140 households in Idukki District and literature reviews, this study on inter-state migration in Kerala sheds light on many topics including migration, mobility, and sustenance. It looks at the diaspora situation, or migration patterns, from a variety of angles, including demographic, economic, and socio-political factors. It’s a high-quality analgesic.

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Jijo James Indiparambil
Sanjo College (SCMAS), Rajakkad, India.

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