A Review of the Literature of African BlackwoodDalbergia melanoxylon, Guill. and Perr

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A Review of the Literature of African BlackwoodDalbergia melanoxylon, Guill. and Perr

June 19, 2021 Agricultural Sciences 0

Tanzania’s African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP) conducted a literature review on D. Mpingo or melanoxylon (African Blackwood) in the late 1990s (over twenty (20) years ago). Furthermore, it has been nineteen (19) years since the last population study and population density was performed, and seventeen (17) years since the last inventory study was taken. Today, studies on the species’ propagation, tissue culture, population, and harvesting activities have revealed new information. Recent research on this species’ propagation methods has piqued the interest of researchers, who are now hoping to figure out how to save the species from extinction. Because of its low regenerative ability in natural environments, it may be threatened or extinct. It was now appropriate to add new information to the literature of D. melanoxylon from various recent findings spanning approximately thirteen (13) years from the last review of the species’ literature from 2000-2014, which is now twenty (20) years ago. This literature review was written to help researchers who are interested in advanced propagation strategies for this species, such as tissue culture and mycorrhiza association, as well as recent studies on the species. This review has also revealed the species’ threats, recent population status in Tanzania, recently recommended research to be taken into account, ethnobotanical and ecological literatures as previous and early findings were unable to take botanists to the advanced propagation techniques that have recently been reported, and finally Dalbergia melanoxylon biology and silviculture.

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Washa B. Washa
Biological sciences Department, University of Dar es Salaam – Mkwawa College, P.O. Box. 2513, Iringa Tanzania.

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