Advanced Study on Economic Structural Change and Economic Growth in Egypt

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Advanced Study on Economic Structural Change and Economic Growth in Egypt

June 18, 2021 Economics and Management 0

This paper examines the economic structural changes and economic growth in Egypt from 1983 to 2014. This paper employs the Vries et al. 2014 procedure. The paper makes use of the new Penn World Table (PWT) adaptation 9 data base to cover the years between 1983 and 2014. It was discovered that there were economic structure changes between 1983 and 2014, as the importance of the agriculture sector declined over time, while the importance of the industry sector increased. expanded since 1990, and the significance of the service sector grew after 2000. Furthermore, this investigation confirms the existence of a strong relationship (with a coefficient correlation of 85.11 percent) between the two series of employment and GDP growth rates. According to the decline in labor productivity, the internal impact was consistently greater than the aggregate reallocation impact. However, if we look at the two parts of the total, we can see that The dynamic reallocation impact, without a doubt, plays a significant role in determining total productivity growth. As a result, another strategy should be devised to support the voluntary labor movement in Egypt across sectors and areas.

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Dr. Hany M. Elshamy
Dean of Faculty of Commerce, Tanta University, Egypt.

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