Ambient and Artificial Intelligence in Therapeutics

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Ambient and Artificial Intelligence in Therapeutics

December 20, 2022 Science and Technology 0

A new approach to a technology named Ambient Intelligence (AmI) aims to empower people by devising a digital atmosphere that is emotional-active, adaptable, and alert their feelings, gestures, habits, and needs. The environment and position of the user are famous to this environment. The most energetic representation of AmI is Intelligent Mixed Reality (IMR), an improvement above common virtual reality atmospheres. With the help of IMR, computer interfaces may be seamlessly organized into the physical world, admitting users to write and interact with their environment in a way that feels instinctive and natural. What effects will the endorsement of the AmI paradigm display medical care? The study emphasizes the relative and technological facets of AmI to demonstrate allure potential applications in healthcare. Medical professionals must pay consolidation of effort to human elements, project administration, ergonomics, technology, and the appropriate health service’s uniform demographic structure to completely exploit the potential of AmI.

Author(s) Details:

Hannah Alex,
Brooke High School, West Virginia, USA.

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Keywords: Ambient intelligence, artificial intelligence, mixed reality


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