An Update on Brand Value and Brand Valuation: Reasons and Methods

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An Update on Brand Value and Brand Valuation: Reasons and Methods

April 17, 2021 Economics and Management 0

In the marketplace, a brand is a name, word, emblem, or other distinguishing feature of a company’s goods or services. Customers’ good feelings towards a brand are what make it a valuable asset for the company that owns it. The following three questions were addressed in this paper: (1) How much is a brand worth? (2) Why is it essential to value a brand? and (3) methods for determining the worth of a brand? Based on the literature, the authors reviewed previous similar research and then explained these questions. As a result, the paper outlined twelve clear reasons for brand valuation, including IFRS enforcement, disputes, brand policy, maximising return on investment (ROI), due diligence, securitization, insolvency, sale, rebranding, brand management, tax purposes, and financing. According to the study, the customer approach, cost approach, and income approach are three of the most popular methods for valuing a brand. As a result, the paper’s contribution is to include additional knowledge in order to better understand the issue of branding.

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Nguyen Xuan Tho
NgheAn University of Economics, Vietnam.

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