Anatomic Neck Triangles, Revisited

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Anatomic Neck Triangles, Revisited

May 3, 2021 Medical Science 0

Anatomical Neck Triangles are fictitious in several ways. Their importance in a variety of surgical specialties is immeasurable.

Anatomy is the topic of basic medical sciences that is most likely to be overlooked. None of the other topics compare in terms of the number of mnemonics mentioned or invented.

Medical students in their junior years are required to memorise anatomy with little or limited knowledge of its clinical significance. When it comes to anatomy knowledge, that can be very difficult for them compared to those who are already enrolled in a surgical residency training programme.

Surgeons who specialise or function exclusively in a specific anatomic area become specialists and popular in their profession and in that particular procedure, mostly because they become oriented to that region’s anatomy subconsciously.

Many who work on different anatomical regions, on the other hand, always need to brush up on their anatomy knowledge. As a result, mnemonics are beneficial to medical practitioners at all levels.

The Neck, like a three-way connector, represents a comparatively limited transfer zone or passage of various tissue structures besides great vessels and nerves between the Head, Chest, and Upper Extremities. It would have been extremely difficult to discuss or talk about neck-related interventional or surgical procedures without the idea of Neck triangles.

The author had long considered and applied the principle of simulating Neck triangles to a Bird-like creature. We’re going to describe an imaginary mnemonic to aid in the recall and drawing of those triangles. A flying Bat is used as an analogy.

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Badr M. I. Abdulrauf
Section of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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