Antarctica – The Superlative Continent

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Antarctica – The Superlative Continent

March 11, 2021 Environment and Earth Science 0

The south polar continent of Antarctica is remarkable in every way, from physiographic, climatic, and biologic wonders to noospheric wonders. It is a global hub for broad-based study for the greater good of humanity. Within this harsh no-land, man’s the earthly realm supports minimal moss, lichen, and abundant algae from the floral sphere, and few species of insects, birds, and amphibians from the faunal domain, despite the Antarctic Ocean being full of life for major oxygen supplement. This provide an abundant food source for both marine and semi-terrestrial higher animal organisms. It is the only dome in the world with so many superlative adjectives. In addition to courageous expeditions to reintroduce it to the modern world, the current study helps to undermine its inimitabilities and significance in the field of science.

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Dr. Amal Kumar Ghosh
Department of Geography, Fakir Chand College, Diamond Harbour, West Bengal, India.

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