Application of Modeling Techniques

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Application of Modeling Techniques

November 16, 2019 Applied Science and Technology 0

Models are a valuable tool in various areas of knowledge and of course within the technology industry, they constitute strong support during the task of transmitting knowledge in a classroom, in addition to supporting the compression and construction of reality, as they represent characteristics of a relevant situation in a given topic.

The types of models available today, are perhaps essential to develop certain activities, autonomous vehicles, smart homes, security cameras among many other applications that make use of reference models that support the development of new ideas.

This work shows some of the main challenges are shared in models that the current academic population requires to reach that vision of generating new ideas or innovative changes in the IT industry.

In this context, the models refer to special topics and which are tools to learn to develop analysis, logical-mathematical and innovative skills that will contribute to increase knowledge and solve current challenges.

Technological innovation is a priority to be competent, so it is essential that the technology is intuitive and user-friendly and responds to their interests, and it is also necessary to incorporate artificial intelligence, algorithm and image information processing or texts add value to education and business

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Silvia Soledad Moreno Gutiérrez
Autonomus University of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

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