Assessing the Language Learning Strategies of Two Indonesian Young Learners in the USA

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Assessing the Language Learning Strategies of Two Indonesian Young Learners in the USA

December 16, 2020 EDUCATION 0

This research aims to resolve the English language used by young Indonesian learners who come to the US and describe their strategies for language learning. Some theoretical issues related to this topic are discussed in second language acquisition and then accompanied by the discussion of the learning strategies of the subjects and some factors related to the strategies and the explanation of the language development of the subjects. It is always fascinating to see how in a very short time, children learn a certain language; not just how they create sounds and combine them into thousands of words, but also how they develop those words into sentences to convey their feelings and thoughts. The two subjects are good learners of English: they had “three variables” of good language learning: skill, motivation, and chance. They were bright kids and they knew how to learn a new language by using their knowledge; they were good guessers and risk-takers. They were also inspired to practise their English; they were articulate and willing to communicate; and eventually, in their natural environment, they now had a strong opportunity to learn English. The key consequence of this research is the training of Indonesian speakers in English. It is clear that the variations between the forms of English and Indonesian sentences have created difficulties for learners. A teaching syllabus based on contrastive analysis would be more practical and “touch” the language-leaning needs of the learners. A contrastive analysis-based teaching syllabus would be more practical, but only in apparent contrasting features. In order to increase learners’ understanding of the new features, it should emphasise marked discrepancies in L2, where L1 and Universal Grammar are unmarked.

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Dr. Suhendra Yusuf
English Department & Graduate School of Educational Management, Nusantara Islamic University, Bandung, Indonesia.

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