Assessment of Sustainable and Safe Development of Municipalities

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Assessment of Sustainable and Safe Development of Municipalities

June 18, 2021 Economics and Management 0

The article investigates municipal financial stability in conjunction with financial and budgetary security. The information from the Federal State Statistics Service, the section “Municipal Statistics,” and the database of the Leningrad Oblast serve as the analytical foundation. The article proposes methodological approaches to assessing municipalities’ financial stability and security that can be used by authorities at all levels to monitor studies of sustainable and safe development. of municipal governments The assessment of financial stability and financial and budgetary security will provide a more representative measure of municipal management effectiveness. The issue of assessing municipal financial stability and protection remains largely unexplored, as its solution requires clarification of the methodological and theoretical provisions for the municipal level assessment of these categories.

Author (s) Details

H. S. Pak
Department of Economics, Saint Petersburg State Economic University, Russia.

E. V. Ushakova
Department of Economic Sciences, Private Educational Institution of Higher Education, Saint Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics, Russia.

A. A. Kuprin
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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