Association between Body Mass Index and Percent Body Fat of Adult Females

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Association between Body Mass Index and Percent Body Fat of Adult Females

March 11, 2021 Science and Technology 0

Obesity is a metabolic disease that has spread like wildfire. Obesity has been identified by the WHO as the world’s leading chronic health issue among adults, including in India. While BMI is widely used as a proxy for obesity, it significantly underestimates the prevalence of obesity, which is characterised as an excess of body fat. The aim of this study was to look into the relationship between female body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage (BF%). The research was conducted in a cross-sectional manner. A group of 70 women aged 25 to 50 years old were chosen to engage in a quantitative height and weight assessment. Using normal technique and a bio-electrical impedance study to estimate body fat percent (BIA). Body fat was found to be higher in female subjects in the current study, with 70% of subjects having more than 30% body fat. According to BMI, 68 percent of subjects were overweight, and obese subjects had a lower range. As the percent BF of subjects rose, so did the percent BF of subjects. This shows that BMI and percent BF have a good relationship. This demonstrates that the statistics are concerning among women. Since obesity is the root of a variety of diseases in adults, the goal of this study is to prevent and manage this issue.

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A. Soni
Department of Food and Nutrition, Govt. D. B. Girls P. G. College, Raipur 492001, Chhattisgarh, India.

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