Big Bang Cosmology Reinterpreted

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Big Bang Cosmology Reinterpreted

June 5, 2021 Physical Science 0

In this chapter, we show how, in the light of some spatially homogeneous but anisotropic models, the inhomogeneity in the matter distribution created until the time of the last scattering surface created anisotropies that do not differ from those considered in Friedmann-Lematre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) geometries on large angular scales (larger than & 2). The same equation utilised by FLRWmodels for these fluctuations in density primordial leaves a signature in the cosmic microwave background radiation in the form of a fractional variance in the temperature of this radiation. models that are anisotropic Because the anisotropy of the global expansion is negligible at the time of the last scattering surface, the traditional Sachs-Wolfe effect can be recovered under adiabatic beginning conditions. This conclusion is consistent with recent work on the same anisotropic models, in which the Hubble parameters in orthogonal directions are assumed to be about equal to the current present epoch, and observations cannot distinguish them from FLRW models. Upper bounds were determined using the present values of the anisotropic parameters imposed by COBE data.

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Paulo Aguiar
COMEGI Research Group Member, Universidade Lus´ıada do Porto, Rua Dr. Lopo de Carvalho, 4369-006 Porto, Portugal.

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