Can We Move Beyond the Secular State?

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Can We Move Beyond the Secular State?

June 18, 2021 Social Science 0

The article argues for a reconsideration of secularization, which is frequently regarded as a necessary condition for a democratic state in the West. Because of its inherent incoherence and problematic consequences, the term secular should be abandoned. Deep reasons for objecting to such a proposal are discussed, including an affront to moral courage, confronting intellectual apartheid, and analyzing religious abuse. Learning to accept unavoidable levels of uncertainty is suggested as a way forward, so that generous-minded dialogue can replace either/or thinking. We must progress to a time when democracy is truly inclusive, when generous-minded dialogue between deeply felt different convictions allows for peaceful coexistence.

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Brenda Watson
Wyke House, Croft Bank, West Malvern, WR14, 4BP, UK.

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