Circuit Training and Sarcopenic Obesity

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Circuit Training and Sarcopenic Obesity

September 11, 2021 Health Research 0

Sarcopenic obesity is a physiological condition caused by ageing that reduces bodily function, increases body fat, and decreases muscle mass, lowering the elderly’s quality of life. It also causes a slew of social and economic problems, such as the advancement and contraction of a chronic condition, higher health-care costs, and an increase in the prevalence or mortality rate. It has a negative impact on metabolic disease symptoms such impaired body function and physical strength, blood lipids, inflammation, and hormones. Exercise therapy is being suggested as a treatment for older health issues. Regular aerobic exercise improves body function and muscle mass, whereas regular resistance exercise helps to improve body function and muscle mass. Resistance exercise has lately been emphasised as a way to improve muscle performance and avoid falls in obese senior people. Resistance exercise, on the other hand, has a number of disadvantages, including the risk of injury, the inability to exercise in a specific place, and the failure to reduce obesity, thus a new exercise technique for the sarcopenic obese elderly should be provided. As a result, this review highlights recent study findings demonstrating that a circuit exercise programme to improve muscle mass and body fat mass could be a desirable and viable “sarcopenic obesity ” method.

Author (S) Details

Won-Sang Jung
Physical Activity and Performance Institute, Konkuk University, South Korea.

Hun-Young Park
Department of Sports Medicine and Science, Graduated School / Physical Activity and Performance Institute, Konkuk University, South Korea.

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