Climate Change and Livestock Production in Sierra Leone

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Climate Change and Livestock Production in Sierra Leone

December 9, 2022 Agricultural Sciences 0

Climate change is individual of the globe’s most urgent environmental issues injuring farming and animals raised on a farm result systems. Increasing hotnesses cause heat stress in bovine animals, unfavorably moving milk production, duplication, and the well-being of mammals. The purpose concerning this study is to evaluate bovine animals growers’ ideas and adaptive answers to feeling change in the Koinadugu District, northerly Sierra Leone. A total of 126 bovine animals farmers were preferred from four chiefdoms. A tractor trailer-organized inquiry was used to draw the information. The of or in the atmosphere opportunity succession dossier was used to assess the hotness and storm records of the commune. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) adaptation 23.0 and excel were used to resolve the dossier. The result of the study shows that the laborers are informed about latest trends climate change by essential clues in the way that an increase in dampness (82.5%), growing heat waves (77.0%), and decreased precipitation (54.0%). The shortages of animal feed (x¯ = 4.14), water shortage (x¯ = 4.10), taller veterinary care payments (x¯ = 4.25), and increase in the spread of afflictions (x¯= 3.14) are some of the impacts of mood change on bovine animals result. The naturalization strategies working for one ranchers involve a reduction of bovine animals populace (87.3%), immunization of mammals (95.2%), migration in addition to mammals all along antagonistic climatic environments (75.4%), and supplying of seasoning and urea sweet liquid block (70.6%). The factors hindering the grower’s atmosphere change naturalization contain inadequate approach to veterinary duties, incompetent rummage and pasture, shortage of water money, a lack of capital, incompetent news about climate change, and incompetent foundation. Therefore, the administration bear pursue powerful tactics to help bovine animals producers adjust to environment change in the end.

Author(s) Details:

Abdul Rahman Sesay,
Department of Animal Science, Njala Campus, Njala University, Sierra Leone.

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Keywords: Adaptative response, barrier, climatic variables, farmer’s perception, livestock production


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