Clinically Oriented Pharmacology Exercises and Innovative Evaluation System

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Clinically Oriented Pharmacology Exercises and Innovative Evaluation System

September 6, 2021 Pharmaceutical 0

Medical science is a large topic that deals with human life; as a result, talents, communication, and decision-making abilities are critical components of medical knowledge. Students are under pressure from all sides of society in today’s modern world. During college, common concerns include financial strain, a hostile environment, senior and peer group pressure, single parents, drug addiction, and love affairs. Job insecurity after graduation will cause financial anxiety in the future. Pharmacology is an important field of medicine with a lot of therapeutic applications. Pharmacology is the study of prescriptions and pharmacotherapy in any clinical area. This is due to the fact that we are always attached to our ancient tradition, yet times have changed and the old presentation needs to be updated. This chapter discussed some of the more advanced and inventive approaches to practical, written, and oral examinations.

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Rakesh Chandra Chaurasia
Department of Pharmacology, M.L.N. Medical College, Allahabad 211002, India.

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