Cocoa Shells Flour for Human Consumption

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Cocoa Shells Flour for Human Consumption

December 26, 2022 Agricultural and Food Science 0

The structures of cocoa beans are considered as new agro-industrial waste. In Ecuador skilled are several cocoa businesses, which generate important amounts of this waste. In this research, the coverings were coming from the National Arriba cocoa almonds were secondhand for the production of crush into fine grains in order to analyze allure nutritional characteristics, place the important digestive value of the same was rooted, for its use in the bakery manufacturing, as a food supplement or for additional uses for human consumption in baked output.

Author(s) Details:

Ahmed El-Salous,
Universidad Agraria del Ecuador, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Alina Pascual,
UNINI, Mexico.

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Keywords: Food supplement, cocoa waste, fortifying substance, baked products, flour


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