Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Various Traffic Calming Measures Implemented on the Approach to the Tempo–30 Zone

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Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Various Traffic Calming Measures Implemented on the Approach to the Tempo–30 Zone

July 2, 2021 Engineering 0

Tempo–30 zones are primarily used to reduce traffic congestion by lowering the operating speed to the desired level of 30 km/h. Various traffic calming measures are in place to achieve this goal. To determine the most effective traffic calming measures in terms of speed reduction, speed measurements were taken on a few selected Tempo–30 zone approach sections that included various traffic calming measures such as traffic circles, raised junctions, speed tables, speed bumps/humps, and horizontal deflections on raised junctions. Another feature that distinguished the sections chosen for the study was the Tempo–30 zone entry feature, such as a mini roundabout or a simple or signaled intersection. during peak times The weather and the pavement surface were both dry during all of the measurements. The average speed vav and the 85th percentile speed v85 were calculated. Electronic speed and traffic volume measuring systems equipped with an automatic recording function were used for simultaneous measurement at the respective measurement points P1, P2,… Pn. The measurement data was analyzed, and the results show that the obtained operating speeds were less than 30 km/h (the maximum permitted speed in the Tempo–30 zone) only on a few sections. The most sustained speed reduction effect was observed on two research sections that included a variety of vertical traffic calming measures, such as raised junctions, speed tables, or speed bumps/humps. The effectiveness of a combination of different traffic calming measures imposing vertical and horizontal deflections of vehicle paths of travel was determined. The most effective solution, however, was a series of vertical traffic calming measures provided on the Tempo– Section 30: Approach. A signaled junction before entering the Tempo–30 zone was also found to be ineffective, as drivers tended to slow down no sooner than at the raised junction. A mini roundabout, traffic circle, or signalized junction at the entry to the Tempo–30 zone, on the other hand, had only a minor effect on speed. The same holds true for repeated small horizontal deflections on approaches to raised junctions.

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Alicja Sołowczuk
West Pomeranian University of Technology, 50 Piastów Ave., 70-311 Szczecin, Poland.

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