Complex Physical Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cervical Myofascial Pain and Headache, Due to Spine Malposition in Users (Abusers) of Smart Phones

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Complex Physical Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cervical Myofascial Pain and Headache, Due to Spine Malposition in Users (Abusers) of Smart Phones

June 14, 2021 Medicine and Medical 0

Introduction: The introduction of portable gadgets into everyday life necessitated an assessment of the potential implications (of misuse) on the spine and central nervous system, as well as the development of programmes to prevent these consequences. The purpose of this study is to assess the influence of various physical modalities (such as physiotherapy, ergotherapy, and massage therapy). In the prevention and complex rehabilitation of the beginning of cervical myofascial pain and headache owing to spinal malposition in users (abusers) of smart phones, manual therapy, deep oscillation, lasertherapy, and magnetic field were used. Methods and Materials: A total of 165 patients with cervical myofascial pain and headache were observed and placed into five groups (of 33 patients each). The patients ranged in age from 19 to 50 years old, with cervical spine posture (position) changes but no major cervical disease. For at least 6 months, all patients used a mobile device in their daily activities (at least 2 hours per day). a month after the recovery is completed We used a complex physical-therapeutic programme (PT) in all of the patients, which included analytic exercises for paravertebral muscles and soft tissue techniques [massages, post-isometric relaxation (PIR) for the respective upper trapezius and sterno-cleidomastoideus muscles] as well as encouraging patients’ active participation in the prevention process (education in principles of back-school, self-massage, auto-PIR). The first group of patients Only these procedures were carried out. We included manual treatment elements in the second group (MT – tractions, mobilizations, manipulations; and auto-mobilizations). A paravertebral application of a prepared modality was added to the PT and the MT in patients in the following groups: group 3 – Deep Oscillation (DO); group 4 – lasertherapy (LT); group 5 – magnetic field (MF). The statistical analysis was carried out with the SPSS programme, version 17, and the t-test (analysis of variances ANOVA) and Wilcoxon rank test were used (non-parametrical correlation analysis). All patients reported a considerable reduction in the severity of their neck discomfort and headaches (evaluated by Visual analogue scale of pain and by pressure dolorimetry). The static position of the cervical spine was improved in all patients, as was the amount of paravertebral muscle spasm and the sensitivity of trigger and tender points, as well as the range of active motion of the cervical region of the spine. The second group (with manual treatment) had the best results during the recovery period, but there were no statistical differences between the two groups one month afterwards. Conclusion and Discussion: PT and MT techniques are extremely beneficial in the prevention and rehabilitation of cervical myofascial pain and headache. Active (analytic) exercises, PIR and stretching techniques, tractions and mobilizations, patient education, and (in some situations) manipulations are all part of the treatment plan. The use of prefabricated modalities (DO, LT, MF) in a sophisticated preventative and rehabilitation programme promotes pain relief and spine mobility. as well as improving the results’ stability. Every medical practitioner who specialises in physical and rehabilitation medicine, as well as every physiotherapist and ergotherapist, must, in our opinion, modify the basic algorithm to the specific demands of the patient.

Author (s) Details

Ivet B. Koleva
Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Radoslav D. Yoshinov
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Telematics – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mr. Borislav R. Yoshinov
Medical Faculty of Sofia University, Bulgaria.

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