Concept of Poison in Ayurveda

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Concept of Poison in Ayurveda

August 24, 2021 Pharmaceutical 0

Poison is a chemical that is toxic to all living things in some way. It has the potential to kill those who are exposed right away. Ayurvedic authors use the term “BISHA,” which is quite similar to the term “POISON” used in modern toxicology. The Ayurvedic classics provide a detailed explanation of Bisha, including its definition, categorization, characteristics, method of action, signs and symptoms, and treatment. The debate over how poison can be delivered to a targeted human or animal, as well as the route of entrance and media via which poison can be delivered, is also intriguing. The Ayurvedic authors have also provided guidance to toxicologists (Bishavaidya) on how to prognosticate a poisoning patient. To persuade the current society, each of the Ayurvedic professors’ principles must be studied and evaluated using modern approaches.

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Dilip Kr. Goswami
Agada Tantra and Vidhi Ayurveda (Toxicology and Forensic Medicine), Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati -781014, Assam, India.

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