Determination of Brane Structure in Bio-radiation

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Determination of Brane Structure in Bio-radiation

September 7, 2021 Physical Science 0

In this paper, we describe a kind of brane-in-brane structure for defining bio-radiations. The approach is based on a superstring theory extension and can provide a hypothetical biological brane for studying the intrinsic structure of bio-radiations. This indicates that the interaction of bio-radiation is not only electromagnetic, but both week and electromagnetic, with dimensions possibly exceeding four. The brane, or brane in brane, is proposed to play a significant part in bio-radiations as an extension of the solitons, which can be utilised to explain many intricate phenomena in the somatic sciences.

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Bi Qiao
Physics Department Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China.

Song Kongzhi
Institute of Space Medico-Engineering, Beijing, China.

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