Determination of Equilibrium Conditions of Methane Gas Hydrate

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Determination of Equilibrium Conditions of Methane Gas Hydrate

September 11, 2021 Environment and Earth Science 0

The fusing of methane gas molecules with water molecules at low temperature and high pressure produces non-stoichiometric crystalline solids known as methane gas hydrates. Because hydrates can block pipelines or valves, MGH production has been a problem in the oil, gas, chemical, and other sectors for many years. Hydrate formation in a pipeline could trigger a blowout in drilling operations. In order to plan operations in the oil, gas, and chemical industries where hydrate nucleation/formation has occurred, it is necessary to understand gas hydrate equilibrium conditions. It becomes imperative to In systems containing diverse inhibitors, promoters, salts, and porous materials, monitor the early stages of hydrate synthesis. MGH stability can be disrupted by simple additions of salts, electrolytes in the host sediments, or MGH water. The physical parameters of natural hydrate reservoirs around the world were investigated in this chapter. The phase equilibrium data of hydrate production and their comparison in the presence of salt, inhibitors, and promoters are also discussed in this chapter.

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Ms. Anupama Kumari
Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee 247667, Uttarakhand, India.

Mr. Mukund Madhaw
DHC Trading India Private Limited, Delhi, India.

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