Determining the Behaviour of Wild Plants’ Use in Meru, Kenya

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Determining the Behaviour of Wild Plants’ Use in Meru, Kenya

July 5, 2021 Medicine and Medical Science 0

The ethnobotanical record resulting from interactions between the Meru people and their wild plants reveals a strong reliance on medicinal and non-medicinal plant uses. Wild plants are increasingly being used for medicine, food, material, social purposes, construction, fuel, environmental beauty, and wind and dust breaks in this part of Africa. Medicine made from wild plants is beginning to compete with conventional medicines in the fight against diseases and ailments. The presence of numerous plant species growing in the area with which humans have interacted for centuries emphasizes the reliance. Indeed, the favorable climate for equatorial forests, where temperatures favor the development of many plant species, contributes to this region’s status as a pharmacy in the making. A total of 567 plant specimens collected from three districts in the greater Meru area have been reported to be used to cure a variety of diseases as well as to meet other non-medicinal needs such as fruit, fuel, and building materials. and supplies Data gathered through structured interviews with respondents in the region reveal significant factors that play significant roles in people’s lives, influencing their social and cultural behavior. It is concluded that the use of medicinal plants as a supplement to primary health care in Meru is observed and documented among the people. The people’s extensive knowledge of useful plants and their medicinal properties was said to date back several generations.

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Alfreda Kajira Ibui
Department of Earth Sciences, National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi 00100, Kenya.

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