Educational Reforms and Well-being

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Educational Reforms and Well-being

December 16, 2020 EDUCATION 0

The higher education sector in Ghana has undergone many reforms over the past two decades, ranging from deregulation and financial sustainability to major infrastructure investment. The goal of these reforms is to address school diversity, promote inclusive learning and increase access to quality tertiary education. The reforms involved improvements in work skills, job conversions, teaching and learning styles, self-consciousness and relocations of employees with a possibly consequent impact on employee well-being. These changes, however, failed to properly account for concerns of employee well-being. Therefore, there has been no commitment to personal improvements and support schemes to help workers keep pace with the changes. In public universities, we explored these trends to understand the well-being changes from the storylines of academic workers in higher education during the reforms. Using laddering interview methods focused on the principle of personal transformation, the study followed a qualitative research design to request storeys from 19 academic workers who have lived through the reforms. For the study of the interactions of academic workers, the Interpretative Phenomenology Method (IPA) of data analysis was used. In a developing world background, the research offers personal storeys expressed in real-life experiences and hinged on the eudemonic theory. The research found that during the time of organisational reforms, leadership, personal attitude changes and political intervention constitute a Change-Effect Model that shapes the well-being of academic workers. The results give organisational changes and employee well-being a new dimension and consider from a crucial point of view how a change-effect model can be implemented in the process of change management to facilitate employee well-being in locally relevant and productive ways.

Author(s) Details

Dudley Ofori
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Hull, United Kingdom.

James Antwi
Royal Ann College of Health, P.O.Box KS 6253, Atwima, Manhyia-Ashanti Region, Ghana.

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