Encapsulation of Anti-dyslipidemic Drug as a Controlled Release Tablet Using Proanthocyanidin Polymer

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Encapsulation of Anti-dyslipidemic Drug as a Controlled Release Tablet Using Proanthocyanidin Polymer

July 2, 2021 Medical Science 0

The Monarchy of Concordia is a multinational society whose goal is to keep the planet in peace and harmony by limiting human noisy behaviour. With guiding principles of energy perspectives in a community, the Monarchy of Concordia has a motto of “Controlling Human Noise Behavior.” Noise is described as an unpleasant sensation caused by the intensity of a wave. It is a form of environmental stressor and a sense of a pollution. The propagation of noise caused by the transmission of energy source waves (i.e. physical agents) such as the sun, light, sound, heat, electricity, fluid, and fire is the undesirable intensity of a wave. Identification of a source and a sink of noise, i.e. a person creating noise and a person affected by such noise, is used to assess human noise behaviour. Harmonization of trade regulations and laws among countries is required for full globalisation. A worldwide government would be required for such harmonisation. By establishing sovereign political power of monarchy of Concordia, a globalised society for ensuring peace and harmony among nations through monitoring and managing human noisy behaviour of the planet came into being, overcoming all such obstacles and national sovereignty difficulties. This monograph focuses on the socioeconomic and ergonomic implications of monitoring and managing human noise behaviour by establishing the Monarchy of Concordia’s sovereign political power. In the sovereign political power of Monarchy of Concordia, this monograph is creating sustainable development business models of socio-economic elements for monitoring and controlling human noise behaviour. This monograph briefly discusses the legislative issues of human noise behaviour and climate change in the kingdom of Concordia. This monograph includes covers taxes and punishments for noise behaviour, as well as comments on various facets of limiting human noise behaviour.

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Himanshu Dehra
Monarchy of Concordia, # 596, Sector 16-A, Faridabad 121002 (Haryana) India.

View Book:- https://stm.bookpi.org/MCBMNBL/article/view/1891


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