Energy Efficiency and Conservation Practices for Sustainable Development

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Practices for Sustainable Development

December 27, 2022 Science and Technology 0

The way to an best energy answer for tenable development is through strength adeptness and strength conservation (EEAEC). To accomplish and assert optimal strength obtainment and use in some home or organization, EE and EC agree. They enhance reducing strength payments, waste, and negative incidental effects outside maring the caliber of whole created. Energy effectiveness (EE) refers to the ability to preserve strength while maintaining the alike level influential. It is the ability to use new electronics and supplies to perform the alike tasks accompanying less energy. Energy preservation (EC) is obtained, in another way, when you adopt better habits of achievement things while utilizing the unchanging amount of feasible energy to produce more priceless work. EC minimizes the need for fuel derived from prehistoric organisms sources. The spin-destroy keep influence improved material character, national and individual protection, and cost stockpiles, putting EC favorable of the tenable energy folder order. The purpose concerning this article search out explore and demonstrate the mechanics achievements ‘tween EE and EC, allowing us to establish an strength audit checklist appropriate to dwellings, marketing, and industrial uses.

Author(s) Details:

O. U. Olughu,
Industrial Research and Development Engineer, Olughu Technologies Engineers, Aba, Nigeria.

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Keywords: Energy management, energy efficiency, energy conservation, sustainable development, energy audit, energy-thrift schemes, sustainable transport

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