Engaging Small and Medium Sized Companies in Cooperation and New Forms of Learning

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Engaging Small and Medium Sized Companies in Cooperation and New Forms of Learning

September 3, 2021 Mathematics and Computer Science 0

The European economy’s backbone is made up of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Covid-19’s ramifications and the resulting nationwide lockdowns caught SMEs off guard. Many parts of SMEs have been impacted by the crisis: good work and learning solutions must be identified quickly. E-Learning is considered as a lifetime learning enabler because of its flexibility and simplicity of access. It has the ability to revolutionise how and when employees learn, as well as act as a catalyst for change and integration. SMEs must develop new forms of collaboration, such as technology-enabled Communities of Practice (CoP). Another type of collaboration is cross-sector collaboration, particularly between SMEs, research institutions, and higher education institutions, however this type of collaboration needs to be enhanced. SMEs must deal with change and enhance their learning processes on a large scale in order to survive the pandemic, be innovative, and play an essential role. This study examines the condition of European SMEs in further depth and includes data from recent European initiatives that reveal persisting challenges in the adoption of digital forms of learning and problem-based learning approaches. Because SMEs actors can promote their businesses through digital marketing, Covid-19 should not be a barrier for SMEs to generate sales. This paper will attempt to answer topics such as: How do SMEs use digital methods for business, learning, and workforce reskilling for digital marketing? In this case, what form of collaboration is most beneficial? The response is based on a review of the literature as well as the authors’ work on national and European projects.

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Steffi Engert
E-Competence Agentur, Universität Duisburg-Essen, now: Starlight Dragon Press, Solingen, Germany.

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