Estimating the use of Distributed Electricity Generation Technologies in Tourism Industry

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Estimating the use of Distributed Electricity Generation Technologies in Tourism Industry

September 9, 2021 Environment and Earth Science 0

Because of their environmental and economic benefits, distributed power generating technologies are becoming more widely used in a variety of industries around the world. The current study’s goal is to look at how these technologies, which use either fossil fuels or renewable energies, are used in the hotel business, as well as their characteristics, benefits, and downsides. Several distributed electricity generation technologies being investigated, including co-generation of heat and power systems. For electricity generation, some of them use renewable energies such as solar, wind, and biomass. Others are linked to different co-generation technologies, such as fuel cells. Many hotels have requirements. Technologies have the advantage of being able to meet practically all of a person’s needs in terms of both electricity and heat. Solar photovoltaic energy, cogeneration systems, wind turbines, and fuel cells are all examples of distributed electricity generation technologies that are already in use in hotels. Their energy efficiency ranges from ten percent to ninety percent. Renewable energy technologies produce carbon-free electricity, whereas natural gas-fueled technologies produce electricity with low carbon emissions. Technology has benefits and downsides, and the use of each technology is dependent on the hotel’s characteristics as well as the availability of renewable energy supplies in the area. The findings of this study are significant for the hotel industry because they show that they can use environmentally friendly distributed electricity generation technologies to meet their electricity and, in some cases, heating needs, reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their energy and environmental sustainability.

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Dr. Ioannis S. Vourdoubas
Hellenic Mediterranean University, Estavromenos, 107 B, El. Venizelou Str. 71410, Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

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