Genetic Inheritance of Black Seed Coat in Soybean

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Genetic Inheritance of Black Seed Coat in Soybean

September 24, 2020 Biological Science 0

The standard phenotype of R gene is black hilum on black seed. The genetic control of several
soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) natural variants has not been studied. The genetic type T16 is the
only occurrence with brown hilum on black seed coat. The aim of this chapter is to further a
discussion the genetic control of seed black seed coat in soybean. The commercial cultivars Bragg,
BR13 and BR6 present yellow seeds, their natural variants Bragg P and BR13P present black seed
color and BR6M, LCV91-26 brown seed color. T16 was combined with these genotypes and it was
found that the genetic control of the brown hilum trait in black seed coat of the T16 genotype was
controlled by two loci segregating independently and controlling the expression of the color of the
hilum and the seed coat color. The expression of the brown hilum trait in black seed coat is dependent
on locus T_, which controls pubescence color; therefore it occurs only in genotypes with tawny brown
pubescence (T_). Novel black soybean cultivars, breeding for specific characteristics, selected for direct
use could, more suitable for human consumption will increase opportunities for exploring the global market
of health and functional food industry and contribute as food source of both calorie and protein to combating hunger in undeveloped countries.

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Valeria Carpentieri-Pipolo
Embrapa Trigo, Rodovia BR-285, Km 294, 99050-970, Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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