Heat Transfer Analysis in 4-Pass 500HP Fire-Tube Boiler

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Heat Transfer Analysis in 4-Pass 500HP Fire-Tube Boiler

September 8, 2021 Engineering 0

The steady-state heat transfer study in a 4-pass fire-tube boiler is the subject of this paper. The heat transmission between the combustion gases and the boiler tube walls has been studied using a computer software. The energy balance was constructed on these surfaces, taking into account heat movement by convection and thermal radiation. For various working settings, the heat transfer properties, particularly the heat flux densities and corresponding wall temperatures, are examined. The modelling approach was confirmed by comparing calculated output gas temperature to experimental data from the PFTA 500HP fire-tube boiler for three different fuels and different operating pressures. The comparison reveals that the calculated findings are quite close to the experimental data from the boiler. A parametric analysis was also carried out to look at the effect of working pressure on the boiler’s thermal behaviour.

Author (S) Details

Ahmed Rahmani
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Oum El Bouaghi, 04000, Algeria.

Messaoud Djeddou
Research Laboratory in Subterranean and Surface Hydraulics (LARHYSS), Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Mohamed Khider University, Biskra, Algeria.

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