In vitro Propagation of a Medicinal Plant Adhatoda vasica Nees by Shoot Bud Culture

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In vitro Propagation of a Medicinal Plant Adhatoda vasica Nees by Shoot Bud Culture

January 27, 2020 Agricultural And Biological Sciences 0

Mass propagation of plant species through in vitro culture is one of the useful and most successful examples of commercial application of plant tissue culture technology. Recently, much progress has been done in this technology for regenerating medicinal plants. In present study an efficient protocol is devised for a rapid in vitro propagation through shoot bud culture of a valuable medicinal plant Adhatoda vasica. In present investigation the proliferating auxiliary shoot cultures were established on MS medium and Gamborg B5 medium supplemented with different concentrations of BAP, NAA, kinetin and 2,4-D using nodal explants from the field grown mature healthy plant of Adhatoda vasica. After 30 days of culture raised from nodal explants of Adhatoda vasica, maximum number of shoots was produced, on MS medium supplemented with 1.0 mg/l BAP. These explants had developed more than two shoots per nodes, while in other concentration of Kn, NAA and 2,4-D developed either two or less than two shoots/explants. Highest frequency of shoot formation and maximum number of shoots per explants were obtained on MS medium supplemented with 1 mg/I IBA.

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P. Soni
Department of Biotechnology, Spcas College, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India.
Department of Botany, Government E. Raghavendra Rao Postgraduate Science College, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India.
Government Nagarjuna Post Graduate College of Science, Chhattisgarh, India.

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