In vitro Release Study of Drug from Nano Particle

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In vitro Release Study of Drug from Nano Particle

August 31, 2021 Chemical Science 0

Nanoscience and nanotechnology have seen tremendous progress in research and applications in recent years. There is growing hope that nanotechnology, when used to medicine, will lead to substantial advancements in illness diagnosis and treatment. Drug delivery, both in vitro and in vivo diagnostics, nutraceuticals, and the development of more biocompatible materials are all expected applications in medicine.

Carbon nanomaterials have been extensively investigated for biological and medicinal applications in recent years due to their many unique intrinsic physical and chemical properties. The work reported here is a first step in using Carbon Nano fibres as a vehicle for medication delivery to specific areas. The release of the anti-cancer medication Doxorubicin from functionalized Carbon Nano fibres was examined at various temperatures and pH levels. In an acidic media, a loaded anticancer medication releases more effectively. Furthermore, when the temperature rises, so does the amount of release.

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Seema Manchanda
Department of Chemistry, B. K. Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous), Kalyan, Maharashtra, India.

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