Increasing Social Problems Due to Addiction and Drug Abuse: A Socio-Pathological Study

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Increasing Social Problems Due to Addiction and Drug Abuse: A Socio-Pathological Study

December 14, 2020 Medicine and Medical Science 0

The paper examines the existence of social problems associated with increasing addiction and substance abuse in all communities, especially among young people of both sexes. Earlier societies used to have a definite structure, but in the past two centuries it has been subject to rising change due to industrialization and urbanisation. Due to changing communities into an industrial-urban world that has changed beliefs, norms, relationships, etc the two faces of addiction and substance abuse are commonly and rapidly emerging in modern times. Therefore, populations need to be sociologically and pathologically observed in such circumstances to achieve a form of social regulation as far as newborn anomalies are concerned. By social pathology, we mean some serious misadjustments between the different elements of the cultural configuration in order to jeopardise the group’s existence or to seriously interfere with the fulfilment of its members’ fundamental desires, with the consequence that social harmony is broken. Thus, social pathology is the study of the inability of man to adapt himself and his institutions to the requirements of life so that he can live and satisfy the felt needs of his nature equally. It also studies and monitors the rising crime rate. The research approach used in current research is qualitative in nature.

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Dr. Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Alzahra University Tehran, Iran.

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