Infanticide in South Africa: A Case Study

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Infanticide in South Africa: A Case Study

September 8, 2021 Health Research 0

The therapy experience of a client convicted of murder over a period of more than ten years is the subject of this essay (Infanticide). My client, who will be referred to as “N” in this article, was a young woman of 19 when she was convicted guilty of the murder of her own infant[1], who was around 3-months old at the time of the crime. She received a 15-year sentence of jail, of which 5 years were suspended for 5 years on the condition that she not be convicted of murder or any other crime involving violence for which she is sentenced to direct imprisonment during the suspension period. The following is information on N’s background. how her situation connects to infanticide, her actions while incarcerated, the outcome of her incarceration, and her reintegration into society


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Lorinda Brink Bergh
Private Practice, Medipark Medical Centre, Gauteng, South Africa.

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