Information and Communication Technologies’ role in Livestock Production in Sierra Leone

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Information and Communication Technologies’ role in Livestock Production in Sierra Leone

March 4, 2023 BIOLOGY 0

Livestock is an elemental part of the agriculture structure, providing a vital security guarantee of money and food for a solid proportion of the rural nation, especially the poor and underprivileged. A reorientation of the production plan toward more efficiency and a heightened devote effort to something quality is required to equal the rising demand for livestock-located products in two together local and international markets, as indicated by current trends in the livestock subdivision. Advancements in information and ideas technologies (ICTs) have allowed for novel orders of sharing and expanding facts and knowledge throughout production communities, conceivably boosting livestock output. The study aims to evaluate the ICT devices approachable and used by livestock ranchers and farmers’ ideas about the vital role of ICTs in reconstructing livestock farming in Sierra Leone. The study was conducted in six chiefdoms of the Koinadugu department of Northern Sierra Leone. A semi-organized questionnaire was used to gather news from 262 livestock farmers. The result shows that cellular telephone (Χ =4.63), radio (Χ ¯=4.51), internet (Χ ¯=4.23), CD-ROM/VCD/DVD (Χ ¯=3.76), TV set (Χ ¯=3.69), and video performer (Χ ¯=3.52) were the ICT devices that livestock ranchers always access. Mobile phone (Χ ¯=4.53), transmission (Χ ¯=4.21), television Χ ¯ =3.74), CD-ROM/VCD/DVD (Χ ¯=3.68), internet (Χ ¯=3.57), and program player (Χ ¯ =3.51) are animals raised on a farm farmers’ most frequently secondhand ICT devices. The result also discloses that advertising a produce, contacting potential buyers, reconstructing access to a new market, providing facts on food processing and maintenance, increasing fruit potential, providing information on market prices, and speeding payment online for bovine animals products are the strongly seen role of ICTs in animals raised on a farm marketing. Low level of education, lack of power, low income of ranchers, high ideas costs, language barrier, and lack of ICT abilities, among others, were the main restraints associated with the access and use of news and communication electronics among livestock laborers. Therefore, the government should supply continuous power or auxiliary power for detached farmers to use ICTs for livestock administration activities and promote tenable livestock development.

Author(s) Details:

Abdul Rahman Sesay,
Njala University, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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Keywords: Farmer’s constraints, ICTs access, ICTs utilization, livestock production


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