Latest Research News on Social Support: Jan – 2020

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Latest Research News on Social Support: Jan – 2020

January 17, 2020 Arts & Social Sciences 0

Social support: An interactional view.

The study of social support and its relationship to personality, health, and adjustment is one among the fastest growing areas of research and application in psychology. “Social Support: An Interactional View” comprehensively reviews current research and theory on this subject , including coverage of such specific issues as: the assessment of social support in children and adults; personality development and social support; the cultural context of social support; the role of social support in stress-coping; social support and private relationships; the connection between support and therefore the refore the immune system; social support and the elderly; social support and community and clinical processes. [1]

The MOS social support survey

This paper describes the event and evaluation of a quick , multidimensional, self- administered, social support survey that was developed for patients within the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS), a two-year study of patients with chronic conditions. This survey was designed to be comprehensive in terms of recent brooding about the varied dimensions of social support. additionally , it had been designed to be distinct from other related measures. We present a summary of the main conceptual issues considered when choosing items for the social support battery, describe the things , and present findings supported data from 2987 patients (ages 18 and older). [2]

Communicating social support.

When stresses and hassles challenge our abilities to cope, we often address family, friends, and partners for help. Yet social support from close relational partners doesn’t uniformly benefit recipients or their relationships. By probing the communication processes that link enactments of social support to participants’ reactions, this book provides new explanations for when and the way receiving social support are going to be evaluated as helpful and relationally satisfying. The author’s research addresses a spread of sorts of relationships and stresses, including young adult friends and romantic partners dealing with the stresses of university life; adult friends, family, and spouses responding to everyday hassles; and married couples dealing with chronic health conditions. This innovative program of research combines qualitative and quantitative methods to develop a particular communication-based framework for understanding why the content, form, style, and sequence of talk matter for our evaluations of the assistance we receive from others. [3]

Pre-disaster social support is protective for onset of post-disaster depression: Prospective study from the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

We examined whether pre-disaster social support functions as a disaster preparedness resource to mitigate post-disaster depressive symptoms among older survivors of the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. The participants were 3,567 individuals aged ≥65 years living in Iwanuma city who completed a baseline survey as a part of the nationwide Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study seven months before the disaster. A follow-up survey was administered approximately 2.5 years after the disaster. The analysis included a complete of two ,293 participants, and social support (giving and receiving emotional & instrumental help) before the disaster was measured using four items. [4]

A Close Look at the Importance of Social Support on Relationship Quality and Social Commerce

Rapid development of web2 and social network sites has cause develop an evolution in e-commerce, which is named social commerce .In social commerce consumers have opportunities to share their knowledge about products and services and make a friendly and supporting online environment. This study draw on social support and relationship quality theories considered a model to look at the connection between social support, relationship quality and social commerce intention. during this regard, after reviewing the relevant literature, a correct research model selected because the research model. A questionnaire of twenty-two items adapted from previous literature applied to data collecting. [5]


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