Lifelong Learning: Challenges and Principles

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Lifelong Learning: Challenges and Principles

November 24, 2021 Language Literature and Education 0

Aim/Purpose: For some years, the concept of lifelong learning has piqued people’s curiosity. The rapid advancement of digital technology is one of the reasons for this. The goal of this study is to generate knowledge that will aid in the development of lifelong learning education.

Universities have a number of issues in satisfying the increased demand for lifelong learning. One difficulty is that most curricula are not geared for lifelong learning. Several colleges seek to be appealing education partners for adult students with work experience at the same time. There is a dearth of normative and prescriptive support to steer the development of lifelong learning education.

Design science research, interviews, grounded theory, and root-cause analysis are among the methods used.


A master’s programme in information systems that encourages lifelong learning is a contribution to practise. Contribution to theory: Advances in design knowledge that can guide the construction of education programmes in light of rapid digital technology improvements.

Findings: Consider rapid digital technology development, balance time-consuming bureaucratic procedures with companies’ demands for quick access to new modern courses, simplify procedures for students applying with work experience qualifications, implement plans for teacher competence development, and base courses on rigour and relevance. The key conclusion is that universities face a strategic necessity to widen access to lifelong learning as a result of rapid technological advancement. We can also conclude that tight collaboration between academics and practitioners will aid in the design of lifelong learning.

Social Inclusion, Active Citizenship, Personal Development, Competitiveness, and Employability are all enhanced through lifelong learning.

Future Research: Further validation of the design concepts in order to provide knowledge that can aid in the development of lifelong learning education.

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Stefan Cronholm
University of Borås, Borås, Sweden.

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