Living Better through Yoga: Management of Body, Mind and Spirit

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Living Better through Yoga: Management of Body, Mind and Spirit

September 28, 2020 Medical Science 0

The need for a comprehensive or integrative conception is acknowledged by most developmental biologists. Yoga, Yoga  The method is holistic in that it takes care of an individual’s well-being when addressing it.  The human body, the human spirit, and the soul of a human being. The integrative mechanism of spiritual evolution is  And with quick, continuous approaches such as mantra, yoga breathing exercises, it can be accomplished.  The mind is still unsteady as the wind wanders irregularly, but when the breathing is still, so is the mind.  Proper concentration for fasting rejuvenates the body and allows the mind focused. A Total Quick of  24 hours brings relief to the body. Five great elements are believed in healthy diets like Ayurveda: fire, fire,  Water, fire, air and space, creating the world, the human body included. That portion is yogic breathing  Pranayama seeks to regulate the actual expression of prana in the physical body.

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Viviana Siddhi
NGO the Mandala Transformation Foundation Inc., San Rafael, USA.

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