Markets Minding with Crowd Social Behavior: Emotional Control Sharing Trading Mob Psychology

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Markets Minding with Crowd Social Behavior: Emotional Control Sharing Trading Mob Psychology

March 8, 2021 Education and Social Studies 0

Traders’ functionalities and mentality during their time on the markets are referred to as trading psychology. It can assess the degree and limits to which they are effective in making a profit, or it may explain why a trader has suffered significant losses. Traders who are well-versed in trading psychology will rarely act on emotion or prejudice. As a result, emotional control is still a real-world problem in financial markets. Obviously, the real question is how to “watch” rather than “eliminate” negative emotions and feelings (such as fear and greed) just before the execution orders are given. In order to deal with This article introduces the groundbreaking concept of “Emotional Control Sharing Trading Psychology, ECSTP,” which has been described as a collaborative trading engineering term, to address the emotional control issue. The proposed term is then evaluated in real-world NYSE trading strategies in terms of returns using an empirically-tested methodology (statistical analysis). The results of the evaluation show that after the proposed term is implemented, returns increase by up to 29%. The proposed trading strategy has the potential to result in stronger and more efficient decisions at the expense of groupware teamwork and communication issues. A well-designed website is always a good idea. For investment decisions, a well-organized collaborative intervention increases groupware quality and effectiveness.

Author (s) Details

Artemis A. Styliadou
Faculty of Law, Maastricht University, Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands.

Simona P. Williamson
University of Melbourne, Parkville, Melbourne, 3010 VIC, Australia.

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