Morgellon’s Disease and Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS): Cases and Recovery

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Morgellon’s Disease and Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS): Cases and Recovery

September 7, 2021 Medical Science 0

The corpus of knowledge on delusional parasitosis (also known as Morgellons illness) accuses “delusional patients” of imagining external and/or internal symptoms that resemble parasite movements, dismisses them as mental cases, and conflates cause and effect. We have established that the symptoms of crawling and pin-pricking are caused by toxicity from exposure to incompatible dental materials, among other toxicities, that alter the propagation of normal nerve impulses, based on our research on over 1000 “delusional” patients since 1996 at our Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI). This isn’t a parasitic infection. External parasites/organisms, such as springtails (Collembola), other arthropods, bacteria, and fungi, are only opportunistic infections of skin locations impaired by a toxicity condition involving toxins excretion through the skin, according to our findings. We’ve found a novel pathological ailment called Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), which is mostly linked to dental toxicity and could be linked to cases of “delusional parasitosis” and “Morgellons” disease. We’ve devised a method for resolving the symptoms of NCS patients. All symptoms of NCS, which are sometimes misdiagnosed as delusional parasitosis, are invariably and irreversibly resolved if the protocol is followed.

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Omar M. Amin
Parasitology Center Inc. (PCI), 11445 E. Via Linda, # 2-419, Scottsdale, Arizona 85259, USA.

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