Multivariate Analysis in Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

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Multivariate Analysis in Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

August 23, 2021 Medicine and Medical 0

Brain tumours in children are fatal, and more research is needed to enhance patient care. In children with brain tumours, multivariate analysis has become more common in recent years for tumour categorization (segmentation) and survival (outcome) assessment. In order to provide an overview of the topic, this publication analysed studies that used multivariate analysis in paediatric brain tumour research. Large variations in tumour categorization outcomes were identified during tumour classification examinations. Furthermore, the multivariate survival analysis model had a moderate error rate, which could lead to erroneous survival estimates and misidentification of prognostic factors. To address these issues, this paper looked at the data processing chains in these multivariate analyses in detail, suggesting that optimising and standardising them could improve tumour classification and survival analysis, as well as reduce variations and errors in classification and survival estimates. As multivariate analytic tools, data processing technology, and imaging techniques evolve in the twenty-first century’s Big Data era, Complicated imaging data processing problems in tumour classification are predicted to be overcome, and complex data processing will be revolutionised. This will enable accurate automatic tumour categorization and segmentation, which will aid in early cancer identification and treatment, as well as therapy planning and monitoring of tumour progression and treatment effects. Furthermore, multivariate analytic methods and technologies will assist change patient treatment and actually benefit children with brain tumours, with breakthroughs in survival assessment to guide life-saving rescue and recovery plans.

Author (S) Details

Neha Agarwal
DNB Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Central Hospital, South Eastern Railways Garden Reach, Kolkata – 700043, India.

Anupam Lahiri
DNB General Surgery Department of General Surgery Central Hospital, South Eastern Railways Garden Reach, Kolkata – 700043, India.

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